Friday, March 10, 2006

The Plight of the Christian Artist

I have a good friend who is a strong believer and an award-winning artist. We recently had an interesting conversation which I'd like to recount to you:

Me: "How's life in the art world?"
Him: "Man, it is so hard to be a Christian in the art world!"
Me: "Why, what's hard about it?"
Him: "Well for one thing, these people's politics are very left wing, almost socialist."
Me: "What does that have to do with being a Christian in the art world?"
Him: "Well, my views are at the other end of the political spectrum from theirs, which makes life difficult."
Me: "What if you were a European Christian artist, and your politics were more in line with your colleagues', would it still be as difficult?"
Him: "No, that would make things much easier!"
Me: "OK, then are you sure your point is that it's difficult to be a Christian in the art world, or that it's difficult to be a Republican in the art world?"

As the conversation continued, we both came to the conclusion that Christianity and conservative politics are often (wittingly or unwittingly) equated, with the Church being portayed -- by us and by the media -- as the GOP on its knees.

I ask, then: Is it a good thing that we convey this image? Why or why not?