Friday, May 11, 2007

Evangelicals and Catholics: Together?

As I've been thinking about Francis Beckwith's recent resignation as president of the Evangelical Theological Society in order to return to the Roman Catholic Church of his youth, my reaction has not been nearly as bitter and venemous as that of some evangelicals.

I think I yawned actually....

Sure, if one's view is that the good doctor left the pristine and pure confines of a Shire-like evangelical movement so that he could ride piggy-back on the Harlot who sits upon a scarlet Beast with seven heads and ten horns spouting incessant blasphemies, then perhaps a measure of lamentation is in order. But if Beckwith's crime amounts to exchanging Pepsi for Coke, then it will hardly ellicit a strong reaction (especially from those who prefer ale).

My point, for the metaphorically challenged, is that from where this confessional Presbyterian stands, things in Rome look surprisingly similar to what going on in Wheaton.

I plan, perhaps later today or tomorrow, to interact a bit with Beckwith's own rationale in the interview he gave in Christianity Today.

Stay tuned....