Friday, February 29, 2008

Top Ten Albums of the Eighties

Things have been a bit, umm, heavy here at DRD of late, so maybe I'll start dedicating Fridays (which are slow blog days anyway) to some lighter fare.

Today, then, I give you, in no particular order, the ten best albums of the eighties (drom roll, please):

Green by REM

So by Peter Gabriel

Declaration by The Alarm

All of This and Nothing by The Psychedelic Furs

The Joshua Tree by U2

Porcupine by Echo and the Bunnymen

Urban Beaches by Cactus World News

Nothing Like the Sun by Sting

Kick by INXS

Synchronicity by The Police
I know, I know, I left some great stuff off the list. But if I think about it too long it'll become a top 100, and I just don't have the time....