Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Tidbits, Three Cheers, and a Curse

As some of you know, I am in CA right now to attend Westminster Seminary's annual conference (the topic is Christ and Culture). Should be good. One thing I am especially looking forward to is purchasing David VanDrunen's new book, Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms (he gets a lot of his material from this blog, you know. Yes, that was a joke).

It was great to attend Westminster's 30th Anniversary Dinner last night (apparently we are R.C. Sproul's favorite seminary in the world). Although there regrettably wasn't a "Class of '04" table to sit at (probably because it would make everyone else jealous of how awesome we are), I was seated with some old friends. Plus, the chicken wasn't nearly as rubbery as I expected. Oh, and Godfrey just hit it out of the park with his address.
I am also pleased to announce that our very own Paige Britton has painstakingly pored over the DRD archives and single-handedly tagged every post (until recently only the last year or so was actually categorized). So now everything is nicely labeled and easy to sift through should you so desire. So three cheers for you, Paige, may the wind ever be at your back.

And lastly, I'd like to offer the exact opposite of a cheer and blessing to Pat Robertson. I don't know if people of his ilk are still able to feel shame, but I certainly hope he is brought to understand just how irresponsible his speech has been in the aftermath of the calamity in Haiti. Like Falwell's remarks after 9/11, Robertson's sanctimonious drivel makes me want to distance myself as much as possible from such self-styled representatives of evangelical conservatism. So Pat, if you're reading, may God silence you before you bring any further dishonor to his Name. You don't speak for me, and neither do any of your friends.