Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goodnight, and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow....

Well, after four years and change, De Regnis Duobus as you’ve known it is coming to an end.

Yes, I will still be blogging, just not here. I have started a new blog called Creed Code Cult where I will be posting from now on. DRD will still exist and its archives will remain available for those who wish to peruse them, but the comments will be switched off. In addition, the entire DRD archive has been exported to Creed Code Cult, so all past posts will be available there as well.

Why the change? A few reasons. First, “Creed-Code-Cult-dot-com” is a lot easier to say than “De-Regnis-Duobus-dot-blogspot-dot-com” (especially if, like me, you’re really into the whole brevity thing). Secondly (and I’m going out on a limb here), having a blog that doesn’t, like, have Hitler on it... that’ll be pretty cool, too. I stand by the image and my reason for employing it, but well, let’s just say I won’t miss seeing ol’ Adolf on a daily basis.

There is another reason for the change, but suffice it to say that that will become known in the near future.

So anyway, I’d like to cordially invite you all over to my new digs. If anyone of you links to me on your own sites, you may want to update your blogroll (and should you feel inclined to dedicate a post to CCC’s launch, I’d surely appreciate it!).