Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Post Script

In the same way that it is inconsistent for Baptists to teach their children to sing "Jesus Loves Me," it is also inconsistent for pre-trib Dispensationalists to allow their kids to sing "Father Abraham."

After all, the crucial issue for correctly interpreting biblical prophecy is the Abrahamic Covenant. If you want to know to whom the land promise belongs, for example, you must determine who Abraham's true seed and heirs are.

So it should be a real source of consternation for Gentile children of Dispensational parents to boldly claim:

Father Abraham had many sons;
Many sons had Father Abraham;
I am one of them,
And so are you;
So let's just praise the Lord!

But just as Baptists express their covenantal instincts when they "dedicate" their babies, so Dispensationalists betray their preference of grace over race when they teach their little ones this song.

"Out of the mouths of children you have prepared praise" (Matt. 21:16).